When it Comes to Science, We're in our Element.
How we do things will change with the conditions.
Who we are on the other hand, always stays the same.


Uniquely Scientific


Scientific and Marketing Communications

The Chameleon group of companies are scientific engagement and communications specialists, delivering a full range of scientific and medical marketing activities. We strive to engage with audiences at the appropriate scientific level and create materials and content that stands out from the crowd because of its relevance, insight, and creativity.

Marketing Communications

Market Access

Innovative marketing communications that champion the brand without ever losing sight of the patient. Fully supported by the science and evidence storyline that talks to all audiences: simply and concisely.

Scientific and Medical Communications

Medical Education

Designed to stimulate and engage medical experts and explain the scientific story succinctly and simply to all audiences by bringing the data to life. Our ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes and management.

Underpinned by the Unique Scientific Proposition and Scientific Strategy

PathFinder and FutureFrame

Our scientific and marketing experts utilize proprietary strategic workshop techniques to help navigate and organize a product’s journey, providing both opportunity and security for the brand.

  • Scientific strategy, messaging, and platform development
  • Communications consultancy, strategy, and multichannel planning

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